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Yantrikshwashi is the concept where you can assume yourself as an astronaut of electronics multiverse. Currently, our multiverse comprises of Home Automation, Industry Automations, Smart Cities, Smart Villages and Scientific Devices. But will not be limited to these rather we will create other universes too. Yantriksh ID will be your pass to access our range of technologies.

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Yantriksh ID

Multiversal Smart ID to access smart products and services of Yantriksh.


You can access our smart products and services from smartphone to metaverse.


We have our own patented IoT platform on which we develop our technologies.


Earn rewards and spent on any of our platform for discounts and cashback.


The most advanced sensor based Smart Home Automation technology.


The most advanced sensor based Smart Office Automation technology.


The most advanced sensor based Smart Industry Automation technology.


The most advanced sensor based Smart Village & Cities technology.


The most advanced sensor based smart vehicle technology.

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Yantriksh Cybernetics Industries

We are an Award Winning Smart Electronics Company Making Electronics Smart and Intelligent!

We design and develop smart electronics products like Home Automation, Office Automation, Industry Automation, Smart Scientific Devices, Smart Village & Cities, and Smart Automobiles.

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